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Do's and Dont's

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Do's and Dont's


  • Submit original and well-researched papers that have not been published elsewhere.
  • Check for plagiarism and ensure that your paper is original before submitting.
  • Read and follow the conference guidelines and regulations carefully.
  • Submit your paper in the required format (usually .doc or .pdf).
  • Submit your paper well before the deadline to avoid rejection.
  • Ensure that you have registered for the conference and paid the registration fee before the deadline.
  • Stay informed by regularly checking the conference website for updates and announcements.
  • Direct any queries or concerns to the conference organizers via the provided contact information.
  • Be aware of any changes or updates to the conference schedule, agenda, and speaker list.
  • Arrive on time and prepared for your presentation.


  • Book travel or accommodation before receiving official confirmation of your paper's acceptance and the conference schedule.
  • Include any NSFW content, maps of disputed territories, or controversial material in your paper or presentation.
  • Submit plagiarized or previously published work.
  • Ignore the conference guidelines and regulations.
  • Submit your paper after the deadline or without proper registration
  • Disregard updates and announcements made on the conference website
  • Fail to contact the conference organizers with any questions or concerns.
  • Arrive late or unprepared for your presentation.

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